Record Deck Top 50 LPs – (#25 to #1)

1: Pink Floyd – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn – Columbia – 1967

Listen to my fav: Lucifer Sam

An LP of Sydey genius.



2: Neil Young – On The Beach – Reprise – 1974

All the songs are great, but here is: Revolution Blues

on thee beach


3: The Zombies – Oddessy and Oracle – CBS – 1968

Sends shivers: Info here : Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914) And the Song : here

A spelling mistake in the title, psychedelic man



4: Television – Marquee Moon – Elektra – 1977

Here’s some live : Friction

So influential this LP



5: Fairport Convention – Liege and Leif – Island – 1969

Got to be: Tam Lin

Just an amazing bunch of musicians, and those who followed…



6: Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers – Beserkley Records – 1976

Hard to choose one track from so many of these LPs but check out: She Cracked

Recorded in 1971/72 it took years for the classic to get a release.

modern lovers


7: Roy Harper – Stormcock – Harvest – 1971

The Same Old Rock

Jimmy Page appeared on Stormcock under the name S. Flavius Mercurius


8: Love – Forever Changes – Elektra – 1967

First track sets the tone – Alone Again Or

Yeah, like everyone, guess I’ve overdone this one!… just a little bit


9: Quintessence – In Blissful company – 1969

Notting Hill Gate

Mega cover, this used to fascinate me as a kid, huge influence on my musical taste (thanks ma)



10: Talking Heads – Remain In Light – Sire – 1981

Aged pop video territory – Cross-eyed and Painless

Simply the best album of the 80s, well done team


11: Smog – Wild Love – Drag City – 1995

First track on the first Smog LP I heard: Bathysphere

The first Smog LP I heard therefore the highest up this list!



12: Scott Walker – Scott 4 – Philips – 1969

Moosik doesn’t get better than this – Seventh Seal

The Scott LPs just kept getting better………..and selling less?!


13: Beatles – White Album – Apple – 1968

Love playing a ‘dad rock’ version of this with my chums: Glass Onion

Take away Obli-di-olbli-da and a couple of others and they’d have made my top 10



14: Baader Meinhof – Baader Meinhof – Hut – 1996

Listen to: Back on the Farm

Luke Haines has done some great records, for me this one just pips After Murder Park and England Made Me


15: Hefner – Breaking Gods Heart – Too Pure – 1998

Oop well: The Sweetness Lies Within, of course

I loved it, many mates all hated it… they were wrong…



16: Black Box Recorder – England Made Me – Chrysalis – 1998 (again!)

Girl Singing In the Wreckage

Sheesh, I’d love a copy of this on vinyl………rare one


17: Leonard Cohen – New Skin For the Old Ceremony – Columbia – 1974

Who by Fire (but so many top tracks)

Wait, what’s that sound? Leonard is really singing!



18: Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy – Island 1974

The Fat Lady of Limbourg is a tune of severe topness

They released some good stuff Island, here is some of their label art



19: Robert Wyatt – Rock Bottom – Virgin – 1974

Sea Song is genius



20: Ian Matthews – If You Saw Thro My Eyes – Vertigo – 1971

Little Known is great but could have chosen them all

A truly great supporting cast of musicians on this LP, and what a voice!


21: McDonald and Giles – McDonald and Giles – Island – 1971

Tomorrow’s People – The Children of Today

Ex-King Crimson guys release a classic, such great drums



22: Beatles – Abbey Road – Apple – 1969

22, my magic number, why? Just: Because

It’s all about side 2!


23: Neil Young – Time Fades Away – Reprise – 1973

I used to play: Last Dance most mornings (poor house mates)

Come on Neil, a Re-release soon! Sign the petition here



24: Talking Heads – Fear Of Music – Sire – 1979

Track 2: Mind

Thee second best heads LP I reckons, wished I’d been able to see these guys live.


25: Graham Nash – Songs For Beginners – Atlantic – 1971


One of those warm and fuzzy type records……….very 70s






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