Stoke Bruene

This weekend the record deck is at stoke bruene.

Did the 2nd tunnel of doom today 2800metres of it. Moored up on the other side and the shop will be open for your musical needs x




The record deck has a nice spot at Braunston this weekend (where?  You may ask, give it a google! )

I’ll be open tomorrow (Saturday) 10-6ish & Sunday 12-6ish.

I’ll be restocking after cropredy too (thanks to all who purchased and those who came to hangout, drink tea, draw pics, paint names on boats and eat lots of cake)
Firstly I’ll be adding plenty of rock! Queen. floyd, ac/dc…..many other folks… see pic x


Ps. If you need a name putting on your boat!  I can put you in touch with the artist who did this: