We’ve closed for the holidays and I’d like to wish all a splendid yuletime…with plenty of crackers


and some cheese…


Huge thanks to everyone who visited us in 2015, it was a great year for the floating record shop, articles in the press including the Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2015/oct/28/best-uk-record-shops-chosen-by-experts) really helped to spread the word.


The summer tour of festivals went well too, many friends old and new joined Tashtar on the travels, a particular highlight was journeying home on the Thames. ..


We held our first onstore events and hope to hold plenty more of these in 2016….if you’ve a record or cd to promote and would like to come and play on the back deck please contact Luke at:


We also started selling brand new vinyl as well as the usual second hand stocks, we’ll expand this selection in 2016 too…


Anyways happy holidays…hope you get all those records on your wishlist….(What’s on mine? I’ve got my eye on the Bert Jansch Moonshine reissue)….

First opening hours for 2016:
Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd January.
Walthamstow Marshes or Springfield Park.  Hackney.



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